How To Reduce Banner Blindness?

November 26, 2021 Rayomand Engineer

Users often ignore ads, finding them irritating. In a world where digital advertising is a main source of revenue, banner blindness can be lethal. Learn how to overcome this.

What is Ad Discrepancy and How to Deal With It

October 6, 2021 Rayomand Engineer

Occurring due to differences in advertiser and publisher data, ad discrepancies can cause a problem in counting final impressions. Here, we try to pinpoint their causes and give you some ways to work around the problem.

6 Ways To Optimize Your Ads

June 10, 2021 Rayomand Engineer

Learn where your margins are maximized, and keep an eye on metrics to have a successfully running Ad campaign. Read on to find the top ways to optimize your Ads!

How Algorithms Determine the Future of Ads

June 2, 2021 Rayomand Engineer

Algorithms rule the entire Digital Media, which means they control what your audience sees. Find out how Algorithms determine the Future of Ads and more, right here!