Nothing speaks louder than direct support from readers and nothing adds diversity and sustainability to content businesses on the web than a direct financial relationship with fans. With Publir Crowdfunding, your most engaged users have a way to strengthen your voice and become a part of your mission. Integrate crowdfunding directly into your website. Harness your most passionate followers and enable them to support your content with one-click payments.

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Why should you use this product?

Unlike other third-party crowdfunding platforms, Publir does not send your reader to another site to contribute. All transactions happen on your own site, enhancing your brand. In addition, our tool allows you to control the design, message and pricing of your fundraisers. Robust reports provide deep insights that you can leverage to produce content and experiences that maximize user support.

Easy integration via a single JavaScript code
A/B testing that allows you to craft messaging that works best
Build a list of supporters for future fundraising activity

Why Choose Publir?

Publir’s crowdfunding tool has been used by dozens of sites in various industries – from politics to entertainment to tech to travel – to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars from users. Building on insights gleaned from these campaigns, we can help you develop a fundraising strategy that will work for your site’s content and audience.
  • We help integrate crowdfunding on your site, not another platform

  • Strong focus on data protection and privacy

  • Exceptional hands-on support & customer service

Digital Monetization Update

Publir’s Weekly Newsletter captures the dynamics of the online monetization market. We summarize the major technology breakthroughs, market trends, mergers, acquisitions, and regulatory changes that could impact your business.