Our LiftAd platform leverages data science with decades of ad ops experience to deliver evolved programmatic strategies. Precise campaign targeting, robust proprietary technology, and an established, data-driven strategy result in intelligent allocation of ad space to the highest-paying buyer - for every impression, on every page, across all device types. A strong focus on ad quality backed up with a growing suite of safety tools assures a clean, positive user experience that’s free of interruptions. Our platform delivers significant revenue lift and daily reporting to track it.

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Ad Optimization

Why should you use this product?

Integrated with 150+ Ad Tech vendors and incorporating the latest in real-time header bidding, privacy-first data policy and AI-driven ad management, Publir’s Ad Optimization tool is among the best in the industry. Our lightweight, efficient header bidding solution optimizes among the dozens of SSPs in the programmatic marketplace. Fast, intelligent auctioneering and the most loss-proof methods of inventory allocation result in market-best earnings for the publisher's every ad impression

Real-time ad auctions take place in milliseconds to reduce latency
Expert ad placement ensures inventory quality and maximum viewability
Ready for the post third-party cookie world

Why Choose Publir?

Built by veterans with 10+ years of experience in the publishing space, Publir has monetized 100 billion+ impressions and generated nearly $100 million to clients since inception.
  • A decade+ of programmatic advertising experience

  • Strong relationships with leading ad industry vendors

  • Exceptional hands-on support & customer service

Digital Monetization Update

Publir’s Weekly Newsletter captures the dynamics of the online monetization market. We summarize the major technology breakthroughs, market trends, mergers, acquisitions, and regulatory changes that could impact your business.