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Publir Sticky Ad Units Are Live! - Publir

Sticky ad units are designed to stick to a specific part of the screen as a user scrolls through content. This type of ad unit increases viewability and encourages a more engaging ad experience for readers. 

Publir has launched a homegrown sticky ad unit solution that gives publishers the ability to customize their ad unit, allowing for flexibility as to what the ad unit looks like, where on the page it renders and how often the ad refreshes.

Publir’s configuration options

Publir’s sticky ad units complement any publisher’s current ad layout. We offer two types of sticky ad units – horizontal units and vertical units. Each type comes in a range of sizes. Horizontal sticky units span the bottom of the webpage in a landscape format. In contrast to horizontal units, vertical units stick to the sides of the webpage in a portrait format.

Horizontal 728×90 sticky on desktop
Horizontal 300×250 sticky on mobile
Vertical 160×600 sticky on desktop optimized for a larger browser viewport

Our sticky units are intelligent. The ads only display/refresh if they are in viewport and the user is actively engaging with the page. 

Sticky ad units generate higher yield than a standard banner units because of increased viewability – advertisers will pay more for a placement that has a higher likelihood of being seen by a user. Banner blindness, a term describing a website visitor’s behavior to consciously or unconsciously ignore placements that they perceive to be ads, is largely overcome by sticky ads that tend to catch the attention of the reader and maintain in view for longer periods of time. 

Publir also has the ability to target our header bidding and programmatic ad stacks. This results in more competition amongst buyers, creating greater auction pressure. For Publir clients, implementing our homegrown solution eliminates the need for third-party vendors, resulting in higher net revenue to the publisher. 

Check out Publir’s sticky ad units in action. If you’re interested in learning more, inquire directly at

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