1. US Ad Recovery Continues to Soar In 2021(MediaPost)

The US advertising marketplace surged 52% over April 2020, a strong indicator that the ad recovery is sustainable. Though April 2021 index is 7.4% lower than April 2019, it is the first post-recession month to show stronger gains for smaller ad categories than the biggest ones, an indication that the recovery is gaining momentum.

2. Apple Launches Affiliate Program For Podcast Subscriptions (TechCrunch)

Last month, Apple announced Apple Podcasts Subscriptions, allowing podcasters to charge a premium tier to their podcast directly in Apple Podcasts. It is also rolling out the Apple Services Performance Partner Program. So now, if you refer someone to a podcast who signs up for the premium tier that costs $10, you will receive a $5 commission.

3. Snapchat To Launch Story Studio For Mobile Video Creators (Deadline)

Snapchat introduced a Story Studio, a standalone app with editing tools to help users improve their mobile videos in the annual partner summit. Currently, Snapchat reaches more than 500 million monthly active users and half of all US smartphone users. It added 280 million users in Q1 and paid $130 million for more than 5,400 creators.

4. Spotlight Incentive Program By Snapchat Will Stop Giving $1M Per Day (CNN)

When Snap acquired TikTok, it paid out $1 million a day to people who submitted the funniest videos to its Spotlight service. During Snap’s annual Snap Partner Summit, it revealed that more than 5,400 artists had earned more than $130 million since November. Snap will reduce the value of that perk by giving millions per month instead of per day.

5. Criteo Acquires Mabaya To Offer Optimized Solutions to Retail Media (FINSMES)

Criteo has acquired the Israeli eCommerce ad-tech startup Mabaya after a solid Q1 revenue increase of 7% YoY to $541 million. Mabaya would complement Criteo’s Retail Media solutions, which uses first-party data to identify potential shoppers and link them to eCommerce websites and apps.

6. Gaming Is CTV’s Hidden Ad Revenue Champion (AdExchanger)

Apart from streaming videos, gaming is the second-largest category on CTV, offering enormous potential for advertisers. 797 out of 4,744 apps in Amazon Fire TV (17%) 3,633 out of 16,241 apps on Apple TV represent gaming and no other categories, including sports, music, and lifestyle comes close to these figures.

7. Twitter Lets Anyone Apply For Verification Since 2017 (TheVerge)

Twitter users can once again apply to be verified after a freeze on public submissions for the site’s blue checkmarks, though the company said only “notable” users would be awarded the badge. The social media company paused public submissions for these badges in 2017 amid criticism that its verification program was arbitrary and confusing.

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