1. Ad Blocking Surges In US As Millions More Seek Privacy (CNET)

An estimated 40% of the US adults are blocking online ads on PCs and phones seeking privacy and security. Ad Blocking has doubled over the past five years on mobiles, up from 282 million to 586 million by 2020. The majority Ad Blockers are signing up for the ‘Acceptable Ads program’, which grew 435% on mobile and 54% overall by the end of 2020.

2. Amazon Ad-Supported Video Reaches 120M+ Viewers A Month (CNBC)

Amazon announced that its ad-supported online video service currently has over 120 million monthly subscribers. This is up from 20 million monthly viewers in January 2020. One of the major drivers of development is Twitch. Online gamers can broadcast their games to vast crowds in real-time on Twitch.

3. WaPo Integrates Amazon Polly For Readers To Listen To Articles (WashingtonPost)

The Washington Post has announced that it has incorporated Amazon Polly, allowing users to listen to Post technology news on many channels. The popularity of The Post’s launch of audio posts on its Android and iOS applications last year is being built upon.

4. Amazon Signs NFL Streaming Deal: Launches DSP (AdAge)

Amazon held its first NewFronts advertiser showcase on Monday and signed a streaming deal with NFL. Amazon also launched a new ad product called self-service Amazon audience guaranteed, to provide price predictability and measurement to advertisers. It allows buyers to create campaigns with fixed pricing per placement and pay for the impressions that reach their audiences.

5. Gray Television To Acquire Meredith TV Stations For $2.7B (Variety)

Gray Television had a deal to acquire Meredith’s local media group of 17 stations in 12 markets for $2.7 billion that will transform it into the second-largest television broadcast group in the nation. Gray will acquire all outstanding shares of Meredith for approximately $14.50 per share in cash, or $2.7 billion in total.

6. Epic Games Acquired ArtStation To Empower Creators (The Verge)

Epic Games has acquired ArtStation, an online marketplace for digital artists that brings tremendous talent and an unparalleled track record of supporting to a vibrant creator community and ecosystem. “We aim to provide more resources and tools, empowering creators to do their best work”, says Epic games VP and GM, Marc Petit.

7. Twitter Expands Spaces To Anyone With 600+ Followers (TechCrunch)

Twitter’s latest live audio rooms feature, Twitter Spaces, is becoming more widely available. Any account of 600 followers or more, including iOS and Android apps, will be able to use Twitter Spaces. It is planning to open more features like Ticketed Spaces, scheduling features, alerts, support for co-hosting, and connectivity enhancements.

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