1. YouTube Unveils New Ad Format For Advertisers At Brandcast Summit (AdAge)

YouTube with 120 million monthly viewers through connected TVs is rolling out a new ad format, called “brand extensions”, which allows viewers to learn more about products they see in an ad. This allows brands to target viewers with more details. YouTube also announced plans to develop the creator’s economy in the digital advertising ‘NewFronts’ on Tuesday.

2. Context Is King Again In Mobile Advertising (MediaPost)

In light of the deprecation of mobile user identity trackers, 70% of mobile advertisers/agency media buyers believe that contextual targeting is making a comeback, according to a survey on 252 executives. Mobile advertisers are poised to spend more on content environments, including gaming, content aimed at children, lifestyle, and entertainment.

3. Microsoft Advertising Offers Unique Ad Targeting Opportunities (Microsoft)

Microsoft’s advertising platform offers 700 million unique users for advertisers that are applying its Search Network for 14.6 billion monthly searches. Advertisers can also target audiences on Microsoft News, Outlook, and the Microsoft Edge browser across more than 1 billion Windows devices, as the network has roughly 14% desktop search market share globally and 37% in the US.

4. Twitter Buys Scroll, A Platform That Removes Ads From Websites (TheVerge)

Twitter is continuing down the path of adding new subscription services to diversify its revenue beyond ads. The social network announced that it acquired Scroll, a company that has sold a $5 per month subscription that lets users read articles on participating news sites without ads — and shares some of that revenue with the publishers.

5. Thomson Reuters’ First Quarter Revenue Beats Expectations (Reuters)

Thomson Reuters beat operating profit expectations, predicting full-year revenue performance at the top end of earlier forecasts. It beat Q1 revenue expectations, with total revenues up 4% to $1.58 billion and net profit up a third to $387 million; Reuters News saw a 2% increase in profits to $160 million.

6. Political News Startup Recount Media Raises $18M Series B (Axios)

A two-year-old startup, Recount Media, co-founded by seasoned journalists John Battelle and John Heilemann, has raised $18 million in a Series B funding round led by Foundry Group. The additional money takes the overall amount raised to $31 million. The corporation only employs a little over 40 people.

7. Donald Trump’s New Social Media Platform Is Just A Blog (The Verge)

The former US President Donald Trump has launched a new section of his website, a WordPress blog. The new “platform”, styled like a generic version of Twitter is hosted as a running blog of commentary from Trump. People can sign up for post alerts on the platform through their email and phone numbers and are able to like them and share Trump’s posts on Facebook and Twitter.

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