1. Amazon’s Announces New Ad Opportunities For Media And Publishers (AdAge)

As the brands are eager to increase their presence within Amazon’s sales and content machine, the e-commerce giant announced new places to place ads on Fire TV, the device that streams to connect TVs of more than 50 million viewers. Amazon’s new ad unit called “sponsored content rows”, allows media and publishers to promote shows and movies.

2. Twitter To Campaign In Support For Local Journalism (Axios)

Twitter announced the launching of a major advertising and social media campaign urging people to follow local journalists and support their work. 28 full-page, color ads that appear on all major newspapers in the US redirect readers to Twitter’s list of local journalists. Twitter will encourage tweet ‘#FollowLocalJournalists’ alongside impactful examples of local journalism.

3. Gen Z Celebrities Attracting 26% More Audience On Twitter (AdAge)

Gen Z celebrities are great influencers on Twitter in creating highly integrated, authentic, and timely content on brands, narrating a story that resonates with audiences. Digital creator’s videos on beauty, cooking, politics, and technology are driving 26% more followers across cultures. Marketers are keen on partnering with specialists that connect with social media audiences.

4. Facebook And Instagram Reminds iOS Users Tracking Helps Them ‘Free Of Charge’ (TheVerge)

Apple’s App Tracking Transparency has finally rolled out to several iPhone users with the iOS 14.5 update. The new popup windows emerge randomly inside the Facebook and Instagram apps; among everything they tell their users, one important aspect is that Facebook reminds them that they do not pay any fee to access the social media platform.

5. Intel To Invest $3.5B To Upgrade New Mexico Fab, Improving US Chipmaking (MSN)

Intel is planning to announce a $3.5 billion investment in a chip manufacturing plant in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, on Monday. This investment, along with a $20 billion investment in two new manufacturing plants in Arizona, is part of a larger initiative by the chipmaker to revitalize its manufacturing.

6. Verizon Nearing A Deal To Sell Its Digital Media Assets To Apollo (Bloomberg)

Verizon, signaling that it has given up on its media business, is near a deal to sell Yahoo and AOL to the private equity firm Apollo Global Management. The deal, which could be announced in the coming days, would value the brands at $4 billion to $5 billion and include Verizon’s advertising technology business as well.

7. Esty To Spend $40M To Bolster Policy Enforcement (Gizmodo)

Etsy, the American e-commerce website that sells handmade, vintage items found 800 listings violating its prohibited items policy, including pet remains, pornographic material, weapons, and a slew of mass-produced products being passed off as handmade items. Apart from deleting the illicit items, Etsy plans to spend $40 million to bolster its policy enforcement system.