1. Amazon’s US Digital Ad Share Surpassed 10% in 2020 (WSJ)

Amazon’s share of the US digital ad market grew to 10.3% last year from 7.8% in 2019, its US ad revenue last year grew to $15.73 billion, up 52.5% from 2019. The company’s US digital ad share is still relatively smaller than Google and Facebook’s, yet, it strengthened its position as the No. 3 ad publisher in the US.

2. YouTube Reveals A New Content Moderation Statistic (TheVerge)

YouTube plans a new data point to include in its community guideline enforcement reports. Basically, for every 10,000 views on its social network about 16 to 18 of those views are of videos that violate YouTube’s rules, which currently forbid everything from hate speech to medical misinformation about Covid-19 to spam.

3. Apple Launches New ‘Find My Certification’ App For Third-Party Companies (TechCrunch)

Apple has debuted a new “Find My Certification Asst.” app today that is designed to let third-party companies test how their accessories will work with the Find My application. This comes after Apple announced at WWDC 2020 that it would open up the Find My network to third-party products for the first time.

4. TikTok To Add New Option Automatic Captions (The Verge)

TikTok creators will soon be able to add automatically generated captions to their videos as the app attempts to make them more accessible. The option to add auto-captions will appear on the editing page after a video has been uploaded or recorded.

5. New UK Regulator To Limit Big Tech’s Influence On News Publishers (Reuters)

The UK’s new regulator for tech giants Facebook and Google will be unveiled on Wednesday, with the initial mission of determining whether a code of ethics will strengthen the balance of power between the networks and news publishers. Big tech’s dominance and scope have expanded quicker than policymakers’ capacity to rein them in.

6. Coinbase Minted $800M Revenue In Q1 (Decrypt)

Crypto giant Coinbase made huge revenue between $730 million and $800 million in the first Q1 of 2021, taking the total approximately to $1.8 billion. The results come eight days before the company goes public on April 14.

7. Roku Plans New Promotional Product-Roku Recommends (Digiday)

Roku is planning to launch a new promotional product called Roku Recommends. The format will roll out in the second or third quarter, where advertisers can place sponsored videos. Roku Recommends can accommodate one sponsor, though it’s unclear how often Roku will rotate in new sponsors.