1. Facebook Analytics To End By June 30th (AdExchanger)

Facebook Analytics, a free tool that provides access to reports, insights, export charts and tables will cease to exist by 30th June. Advertisers can use alternative tools like Facebook Business Suite, Ads Manager and Events Manager to track their growth, engagement, and monetization activities on Facebook and Instagram once FB Analytics ends.

2. ViacomCBS Networks Int. Buys Chilevision From WarnerMedia (Deadline)

ViacomCBS Networks International has acquired the Chilevisión TV network and library from WarnerMedia as parent AT&T continues to sell off non-core assets to pay off debt. Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but ViacomCBS said it will fund the acquisition from existing cash balances.

3. Agencies Are Keen On Facebook’s $750M Global Media (AdAge)

While Facebook puts its global media for review, ad agencies and companies for sure may end in the conflict in the quest for the $750 million accounts. The sheer size of the business, accounting for 3/4th of a billion and the media that brings in $85 billion a year in ad revenue are few valid reasons for the competition.

4. Medium’s Blogroll Makes A Difference To Writers And Readers (Medium)

Medium, an American online publishing platform introduced a new feature – Blogrolls, aiming to connect readers and writers in more visible and meaningful ways. It will keep writers visible to readers in a completely new way: helps writers gain new readers and connect with their community. Readers can allow authors to navigate more easily related to content in a fluid and organic way.

5. Streaming Services, Including Netflix, Are Running Out Of Shows (Bloomberg)

The number of originals produced by Netflix this year has dropped by 12% relative to last year. This can seem small, but considering how often Netflix raises its production each year, it is important. The number of approved titles has decreased significantly, owing to other studios taking their programming back for their own offerings.

6. Clubhouse Partners With Stripe For Creators To Make Money (TechCrunch)

Clubhouse has started rolling out its first monetization feature for creators. The social audio chat app has teamed up with Stripe to introduce Clubhouse Payments, which gives all users a way to send money directly to speakers on the platform.

7. Yahoo! Answers To Shut Down On May 4th (TheVerge)

After over 15 years on the internet, the website Yahoo! Answers is shutting down next month. Users will no longer be able to post new content on Yahoo! Answers starting on April 20th. Then on May 4th, the site will officially go offline.