1. Microsoft Cloud Outage Takes Azure, Teams, And Office 365 Offline (WindowsCentral)

Microsoft Corp. was hit by a massive cloud outage on Friday that took most of its internet services offline. Microsoft’s Azure cloud services, as well as Teams, Office 365, OneDrive, Skype, Xbox Live and Bing, were all inaccessible due to the outage. Even the Azure Status page was reportedly taken offline.

2. App Store Rejecting Updates For Apps Using Device Fingerprinting (Forbes)

Apple is refusing app updates that breach its latest privacy policy in iOS 14, suggesting that it is taking privacy compliance seriously. iOS 14.5 is approaching completion, since it is the version of iOS 14 in which Apple would ask applications that wish to follow users to view the Data Monitoring Disclosure prompt to request user consent.

3. SCOTUS Sides With Facebook; Experts Say Major Win For Telemarketers (BusinessInsider)

In a decision, the Supreme Court stated that Facebook’s text messages about irregular login attempts do not count as robocalls, which are unconstitutional under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. Experts said it is a big victory for telemarketers, as billions of robocalls and robotexts now reach American cell phones per month.

4. Meesho Raises $300M As Valuation Races Past $2B (TechCrunch)

Facebook-backed Indian Social Commerce Meesho has raised $300 million in a new round of funding led by SoftBank Vision Fund 2, catapulting the social commerce startup valuation to $2.1 billion. The company’s latest capital raising exercise has almost trebled its valuation compared to when it raised $125 million in 2019.

5. Rival Group Make Fully Financed $680M Bid For Tribune Publishing (WSJ)

Maryland hotel executive Stewart Bainum and Swiss billionaire Hansjorg Wyss have made a fully financed $680 million bid for Tribune Publishing. The $18.50-per-share bid for the Chicago-based newspaper chain was received and verified by the Tribune Publishing board, beginning a due diligence process that could lead to a firm deal within weeks.

6. Supreme Court Allows FCC To Move Forward With Changes To Media Ownership Rules (Bloomberg)

The FCC’s ownership rules limit the number of radio stations, TV stations, and newspapers that one entity can own in any single market. It is obligated to review these rules every four years and repeal or modify any that is no longer “necessary in the public interest as the result of competition.”

7. 6AM City Plans To Grow Subscribers From 400K To 750K (AdWeek)

6AM City, a five-year-old media company, recently announced its expansion into Richmond, Va., its ninth location. It intends to grow from 9 to more than 14 markets, from 400K free users to 750K and from $3 million in estimated annual sales to more than $5 million. The 40-person organization expects to turn a profit this year.