1. Apple Inc. Is Under UK Antitrust Scanner Over App Store Rules (WSJ)

Apple Inc. is under investigation for alleged antitrust behavior by the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA). Based on the complaint the CMA received from developers, Apple requires that all apps on iPhone and iPad devices must be distributed through its App Store and use Apple’s in-app payment system, from which it gains a 30% commission.

2. Apple’s New ‘Find My’ Feature Could Let You Know If You’re The One Being Tracked (The Verge)

Apple’s Find My app might get a new safety feature to help prevent someone from using the kinds of devices tracked in the app to stalk you instead. “Item Safety Alerts”, spotted in the iOS 14.5 beta, will notify you if an unknown device being tracked on Find My is “moving with you” so you can remove it or disable it.

3. Buzzfeed’s Lighthouse To Show Advertisers The Way Ahead In Post-Cookie World (AdExchanger)

65% of BuzzFeed’s ad deals are based on first-party data and the publisher also provides data matching, insights, and optimization powered by data from its 104 million monthly users. Buzzfeed is currently integrating all its capabilities under the brand name ‘Lighthouse’ to make these data capabilities easier for advertisers to access. The offering will span both BuzzFeed and recently acquired HuffPost content.

4. TransUnion – Blockgraph Partnership Helps Media And Ad Companies To Build Customized Audience Base (AdExchanger)

TransUnion announced its partnership with Blockgraph, builder of pipes for addressable television, facilitating advertisers to use its identity data to target, reach and measure TV households across channels.. TransUnion can now build custom audiences; onboard first-party data; and activate audiences across the Blockgraph network, which includes Comcast, Charter, and ViacomCBS.

5. Asynchronous Video Startup Weet Launches To Help Employees Communicate (Yahoo! Finance)

Founder Najette Fellache and a team of 10 employees this week launched Weet, a new asynchronous video startup. Weet already features instant recording, screen sharing, virtual backgrounds, video filters, emoji reactions, commenting options, and auto transcription. For a premium paid version in the works, it is also developing features that will make it easier to organize discussions for users.

6. WhatsApp Adds Voice, Video Calling For Desktop Users (TechCrunch)

WhatsApp has made voice and video calling available on its desktop app for the first time. The Facebook-owned messaging platform said only one-to-one calls would be available for the time being, but that it had plans to include group voice and video calls in the future.

7. Microsoft Edge Now 41% Faster With Boost Feature (TheVerge)

Microsoft announced that vertical tabs in Edge are now generally available. In addition, the Edge team also announced a few under-the-hood changes that will allow the browser to startup significantly faster, up to 41% faster according to Microsoft’s preliminary tests. While vertical tabs are available to play with now, the startup improvements will roll out over the course of this month.

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