1. Telecom And Broadband To Get Lion’s Share Of $1T Infra Bill (Protocol)

The $1 trillion infrastructure bill waiting for the Senate approval allocates $550 billion for strengthening telecom and internet services in parts of the US lacking connectivity. Expanding broadband connectivity, funding broadband deployment, and internet subsidies for low-income Americans are top priorities.

2. US Media Crisis Coverage Inducing Product Stockpiling Behavior (MediaPost)

The recent US media coverage of major crisis events has driven many Americans to stockpile products they might not otherwise have, according to consumer promotions analytics and processing firm Inmar. 50% of participants have said that it has been a major influence on their stockpiling behaviors.

3. Apple To Roll Out Child Abuse Photo-Check System (Reuters)

Apple announced on Friday that it will roll out a system to check photographs for child abuse imagery on a country-by-country basis, based on local laws. Apple was lauded by child safety organizations when it joined Facebook and Microsoft. Google, owned by Alphabet, is one of the companies that has taken similar steps.

4. Mailkit Launches A Platform For Brand Management Services (MediaPost)

Mailkit has launched a company called NOTAMIQ, a Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) platform to provide an easy-to-use hosted brand management service. BIMI is a service that allows firms to display their logo with emails, allowing them to deploy Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance (DMARC).

5. Disney Can Do More In Streaming, Says Investor Dan Loeb (AdAge)

Activist investor Dan Loeb calls Disney to leverage its sports, general entertainment, and blockbuster movies to unlock the full potential of its streaming services. Disney’s streaming division is generating over $15 billion annually, driving the company’s stock up 70% since May 2020. It has also doubled its medium-term Disney+ content investment.

6. Spotify Teamed With Nielsen To Measure Podcast Metrics (Campaign)

Spotify has tied with Nielsen for audience measurement on podcasts. This new feature helps podcast publishers better understand who their listeners are — and sell those audiences’ data to advertisers.

7. Texas Monthly Adds $1M To Revenue From Archived Stories (BusinessInsider)

Texas Monthly adds $1 million a year to its revenue by digging through its 50-year archive to sell stories to Hollywood. It signed 20 entertainment deals based on its magazine reporting, mostly for archival stories to the HBO Max series and Paramount+ show. Apart from finding the right partner, it aims to attract its audience back.

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