1. Hot US Ad-Tech Job Market To Open New Avenues For Job Seekers (AdAge)

A booming ad tech market is flooding with opportunities in the US and employees are reaping the benefits. As the industry is gearing up to operate without third-party cookies, there is a surge in public offerings and cash-flush ad tech firms are looking to put the money to work with new hires. Companies are setting new hiring practices in this process.

2. South Park Creators Sign Six-Year, $900M+ Deal With ViacomCBS (Bloomberg)

South Park creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, have signed an enormous $900 million deal, one of the richest deals in TV history, with ViacomCBS to continue producing their long-running series for six more years. In addition, to continue the series, the duo will make a second South Park feature film, as well as spin-off films.

3. US Retail MCommerce To Reach $359B In 2021 (EMarketer)

US retail mCommerce sales grew at 41.4% in 2020 and will grow another 15.2% in 2021, to reach $359.32 billion. Annual sales should nearly double between now and 2025. Apart from new technologies, like AR and 5G, live shopping features in social media and influencer direct selling are primary drivers of this growth.

4. Ad Spending Of $2.6B Goes To Misinformation Websites Each Year (BusinessInsider)

A new report from NewsGuard and Comscore has found that publishers of misinformation are booming with an estimated $2.6 billion in advertising revenue. Programmatic advertisers are sending millions in revenue to publishers of misinformation that support anti-vaccine myths, election misinformation, and other forms of false news.

5. North American Email Volume Tops Rest Of The World In 2021 (MediaPost)

North America sent 60.5% of the world’s emails from January to June – more than all other regions combined. Yet engagement remained average, according to a study by Acoustic. In contrast, 10% of email volume was sent in Latin America and the Caribbean, versus 8% in Continental Europe, 5% in India, and lower in the APAC, and other regions.

6. Bloomberg Media And Ebony Announce Year-Long Content Sharing Collab (AdWeek)

Bloomberg Media and Ebony have teamed up to bring more attention to Black stories. Original content, brand exposure efforts, and custom reports will be used to cross-pollinate the Bloomberg Equality and Ebony audiences over the course of a year. The partnership will result in more ad income and new – potentially paying – audiences.

7. Discord Offers Brands A Platform To Reach Its Core Gen Z Customers (AdAge)

Discord is a sign of the new internet, where consumers control communities and fandoms. It fits right in with the rise of Web 3.0, which is characterized by NFTs, cryptocurrencies, and virtual gaming metaverses like Roblox. Discord is now offering its platform to brands to build communities to reach Discord’s core base of Gen Zers.

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