1. TikTok Is Influencing Millennial Purchasing Behavior (AdAge)

According to a new report from the Harris Poll Brand Platform, TikTok can heavily influence purchase consideration. While Gen Z makes up a large proportion of TikTok’s user base, millennials are most likely to buy products based on TikTok’s influence, as 57% of millennials have purchased something featured on TikTok, compared to 38% of Gen Z.

2. 44 State AGs Asked Facebook To Cancel Plans For Kids Instagram (Protocol)

Attorneys Generals from 44 states urged the Facebook CEO to abandon plans to launch a version of Instagram for kids under 13, citing the research links on social media use with self-harm, suicidal ideation, low self-esteem, and research on cyberbullying.

3. Microsoft Search Volume Identifies Post-Pandemic Trends (MediaPost)

Microsoft Advertising data released on Monday exhibited a new sense of hope among US consumers in April 2021; this data release aims to clear up some misconceptions about keywords and topics and will provide advertisers with insights into post-pandemic trends.

4. Facebook Prompting Users To Open Posts Before Sharing (TheVerge)

On Twitter, Facebook revealed that it would begin testing pop-ups asking users whether they are sure they want to post an article they have not opened. Users would be prompted to read the post, but they may opt to continue sharing it if they choose. According to a Facebook spokesman, the test will be carried out on 6% of Android devices globally.

5. Indian ECommerce Giant Flipkart To Raise $1B Ahead Of IPO (TechCrunch)

Flipkart, the Indian e-commerce giant, has gone public in a pre-IPO fundraising round to collect over $1 billion at a value of up to $30 billion. The Bangalore-based startup, which sold the bulk of its stock to Walmart in 2018, started looking for financing earlier this year.

6. Music Group Believe Aims To Raise €500M At IPO (MBW)

Believe, a French company that bills itself as a new breed of music label for the streaming era has filed for an initial public offering with the aim of raising €500 million to fuel its expansion and fund acquisitions. Founded in 2005 by chief executive Denis Ladegaillerie, Paris-based Believe is aiming for a valuation of above €2 billion.

7. Media Platform Just Women’s Sports Raised $3.5M Seed Funding (Sportico)

Media platform ‘Just Women’s Sports’ has raised $3.5 million in seed funding in a round led by ‘Will Venture’, an early-stage venture firm focused on identifying sports-centric innovations. Thirty-Five Ventures, OVO Fund, and Supernode Global have also participated in it.

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