1. Streaming Ads Gain Popularity In Spring TV Ad-Sales Season (WSJ)

Marketers are increasingly opting for streaming TV ads in Spring TV Ad-Sales Season as they are emerging out of the Pandemic. While the markets aiming at old target audiences like pharma are still depending on linear TV, marketers whose products appeal to younger audiences are opting for ad-supported streaming services.

2. Guidelines For Digital Out-Of-Home Ads Arrived Finally (AdExchanger)

Digital out-of-home ads (DOOH) are projected to grow 20% next year, according to MAGNA. There are an estimated 1.25 million digital screens in the US, yet, no single accepted standard to measure exposure to DOOH. For the first time, the Out-of-Home Advertising Association of America issued guidelines for how to capture and measure exposed mobile advertising IDs effectively.

3. US Advertisers To Spend $11B On Streaming Ads In 2021 (Bloomberg)

The market for streaming TV ads is growing fast. This year the U.S. advertisers will spend $11.36 billion on streaming TV commercials, up from $8.11 billion in 2020. The boom is being driven, in part, due to free services like Pluto TV and Fox Corp.’s Tubi and services like Discovery+, Paramount+, and Peacock, which are less expensive, typically costing $5 to $6 a month.

4. Substack Adds New Tools For Publishers And Subscribers (MediaPost)

Substack added tools to help email newsletter publishers to build circulation and give subscribers more control over what they read. While publishers can now add a separate section for a podcast series, for regional or topical content, or for posts in other languages, subscribers can opt in or out of the sections on their account page.

5. StuDocu Reaches 15M Users While Reporting $50M In Investment (TechCrunch)

On the heels of massive success, an Amsterdam-based company named StuDocu is reporting $50 million in investment. StuDocu has developed a big and lucrative business by way of a website to help source and exchange the best student-created class notes. The company now has 15 million users spread across 2,000 universities in 60 countries.

6. Massive Cyber Attack Forces US Fuel Pipeline To Shut Down (Reuters)

After a cyber-attack on Friday that involved ransomware, top US fuel pipeline operator Colonial Pipeline shut its entire network, the source of nearly half of the US East Coast’s fuel supply. It is one of the most disruptive digital ransom operations ever reported and has drawn attention to how vulnerable US energy infrastructure is to hackers.

7. Clubhouse Launches On Android In The US But Will Remain Invite-Only (TheVerge)

Clubhouse is launching an Android version after more than a year of iOS exclusivity. It will be launched in the US in beta on Google’s mobile OS, enabling users to engage in audio-only chat rooms. However, Clubhouse has stated that it will remain invite-only for the time being, implying that it is still not available to the general public.

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