1. Forbes NFT Cover Sells For $333,333 (TheBlock)

Business magazine Forbes has sold an NFT Cover for $333,333 to a bidder who goes by the name “mondoir”. The magazine’s first-ever NFT, titled “Merchants of the Metaverse”, features Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss. Forbes will donate it to the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) and the International Women’s Media Foundation (IWMF).

2. Twitter Integrates Nielsen Media Impact And Nielsen Ad Intel Tools (AdExchanger)

Twitter is strengthening its partnership with Nielsen in order to improve its capacity to prepare and implement video campaigns. Nielsen Marketing Impact (NMI) and Nielsen Ad Intel, solutions that assist marketers in measuring and planning strategies through a range of media platforms, will be integrated into the Twitter Amplify video ad platform.

3. Pluto TV’s US Ad Revenue Will Surpass 1B in 2022 (eMarketer)

Pluto TV, a free streaming service of ViacomCBS is expected to receive $786.7 million in net US ad revenues in 2021, a 77.7% increase over the previous year. In 2022, Pluto TV’s net US ad revenues will surpass $1 billion annually for the first time.

4. Global Crypto Cap Reached Over $2 Trillion Ending Q1 (Decrypt)

9.5 million Customers have traded crypto in Brokerage app Robinhood in Q1 of 2021. This is up from 1.7 million in Q4 of last year, and there is a 458% spike. The global market cap of all cryptocurrencies has doubled in the past three months to over $2 trillion.

5. Instagram And Facebook Experienced An Outage Due To ‘Configuration Change’ (USAToday)

Facebook and Instagram were down for thousands of users on Thursday due to a configuration change. Reports by users showed more than 112,000 issues on Facebook’s website, while 101,000 Instagram users reported problems as of 6 pm ET. About 20 minutes later, the platforms started working again for many users.

6. Facebook Ran Ads For Fake Clubhouse For PC App Planted With Malware (TechCrunch)

In order to infect unwitting victims with ransomware, cybercriminals have created a series of Facebook advertisements that seem to be a Clubhouse app for PC users. It is common for cybercriminals to adapt their ransomware campaigns to capitalize on the popularity of widely used applications. Despite an invite-only launch, Clubhouse has recently surpassed more than 8 million global downloads to date.

7. Facebook To Add Labels To Posts To Reduce Confusion About Their Origin (TheVerge)

Facebook is adding additional labels to posts from Pages that appear in users’ News Feeds in a bid to reduce confusion about their origin. These labels will include ‘public official’, ‘fan page’, and ‘satire page’. The company said it has already started testing the deployment of these labels in the US, and will gradually add them to more posts.