1. Tipping Is Paving The Way For Creator’s Economy In Social Media (Axios)

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and name any other social platform; all of them have introduced some form of tipping that allows users to support their favorite personalities directly in real-time. Although creators have been engaging audiences for ages in social media platforms, the creator’s economy is maturing only now so that they are able to make money directly from their fans.

2. Google’s Anti-Competitive Demands Could Force YouTube Off Roku’s Platform (Axios)

Roku is alerting its customers that they may lose access to the YouTube TV channel on its platform after negotiations with Google went south. The company alleges that Google is attempting to use its monopoly power to insist on unfair, anti-competitive terms with regard to how Roku handles search results for YouTube content, customer data, and more.

3. Facebook And Google Failed To Act On Scammers (BusinessInsider)

Although consumers have reported that 34% of Google ads and 26% of Facebook ads were scams, it was not taken down, according to a British consumer group, which demands for new laws to force the tech giants to monitor fraud more closely. Scammers have imitated established brands like Clarks or Russell and Bromley to steal consumers’ financial details.

4. Guardian News And Media And The Markup May Block FLoC (DigiDay)

Some publishers, like The Guardian, joined web browsers in blocking Google’s cookieless monitoring and ad targeting process, FLoC, due to privacy issues, possible biased categorization of individuals, and data control. Meanwhile, The New York Times is one of the publishers willing to put FLoC to the test.

5. Apple Rolls Out iOS And iPadOS 14.5 With Updated ATT (The Verge)

Apple started rolling out iOS and iPadOS 14.5. The latest software update includes the new App Tracking Transparency feature, which lets users decide whether to allow apps to track their activity “across other companies’ apps and websites” for advertising purposes. A pop-up will now appear whenever apps intended to share customer activity.

6. Clubhouse-NFL Teaming Up Exclusive Programs For 2021 Season (Variety)

Clubhouse and the National Football League are teaming up to produce an exclusive lineup of programming for the 2021 NFL Draft on the app this week. This deal marks the first official pact between Clubhouse and a major sports league, where Clubhouse is expected to roll out a significant wave of new programming with other partners as well in the future.

7. SiriusXM Buys Design Podcast ‘99% Invisible’ (Engadget)

SiriusXM has acquired 99% Invisible Inc., the company behind the popular design and architecture podcast of the same name. The terms of the deal have not been disclosed, but the agreement will see host, creator, and executive producer Roman Mars and 13 other employees join Stitcher, the podcasting platform SiriusXM bought last year for $325 million.