1. Social Media Keeps Suspending and Banning Trump’s Account (AdExchanger)

Account suspensions are still coming for President Trump. YouTube has suspended Trump’s account for at least a week while Google announced that it would again pause political ads on its platform. Google states that it will keep blocking content that incites or promotes hate and will be vigilant in future of the ads that crosses the line.

2. Telegram Blocks Hardcore Hate Channels Inciting Violence (Tech Crunch)

In the light of recent political violence in US, many social media platforms are reevaluating their policies. The popular messaging app, Telegram, is not far behind when it starts to chip away an organized network of neo-Nazi and white supremacist accounts that was flourishing on the platform.

3. TikTok Tightens Privacy Features for Users Under 18 (ABC News)

TikTok is tightening its privacy practices for young users a month after federal regulators ordered it to disclose how its practices affect children and teenagers. TikTok is widely popular among the youth. It is blocking the ability of users to download the videos posted by those 15 or younger.

4. Google Admits Running ‘Experiments’ Removing Some Media Sites from Search Results (The Guardian)

Google has been concealing some Australian news sites from search results, in a move news sources state is a demonstration of “extraordinary power” as the tech organization deals with the Australian government over monetary installment for content. The Australian government is endeavoring to force another code on Google and Facebook that would constrain them to arrange a reasonable cost for showing local news content.

5. Amazon’s Ad Business Will Gain Most Share this Year: Analyst Survey (CNBC)

A new ad buyer survey from Cowen stated that Amazon would be leading share gainer among the major digital ads businesses in 2021-22. Cowen’s survey was based on responses from five senior US ad buyers representing $15 billion US ad spend.

6. Rapyd Raises $300M on a $2.5B Valuation to Boost its Fintech-as-a-service API (Tech Crunch)

A flood of associations — moved by COVID-19 pandemic— are moving their business and monetary transactions online. Rapyd, which provides an API-based “fintech-as-a-service” platform covering installments, banking services, fraud protection and more, has raised $300 million, funding that CEO and co-founder Arik Shtilman said in an interview will be utilized to extend its group, work out more innovation and make chosen acquisitions.

7. Apple’s New Projects Related to its $100M Pledge for Racial Equity (Tech Crunch)

Apple had committed $100 million to Racial Equity and Justice Initiative (REJI) last June. With this initiative, Apple will contribute $25 million to Propel Center, which is an innovation and learning hub for Historically Black Colleges and Universities. The company will also invest $10 million with Harlem Capital, a VC firm based in New York.