1. Shopify Takes Trump Organization and Campaign Stores Offline (TechCrunch)

E-commerce platform Shopify Inc. on Thursday removed two of Trump’s online stores that sell official Trump branded apparel, “Make America Great Again” hats and other merchandise. TrumpStore-dot-com is the official e-commerce site of the Trump Organization and shop-dot-donaldjtrump-dot-com is the Trump campaign’s official store. The move follows Facebook’s two-week ban on Trump also announced yesterday.

2. YouTube To Penalize Videos Posting Election Misinformation (The Verge)

YouTube announced that it would penalize channels that post “false claims” about the US presidential election and could temporarily suspend them from posting videos on the platform. However, there is a grace period during which videos could be removed without additional penalty to the account.

3. Brands Pause Social Media Advertising Amid DC Chaos (DigiDay)

According to DigiDay, some advertisers paused their paid social ad spend and are considering other channels, particularly news content on digital and linear channels. Some media buyers also think the next two weeks – until the new administration is sworn-in – could “probably be bumpy” owing to the current political climate.

4. Advertising in Trusted News Websites Ensures Brand Safety (AdExchanger)

Brands need to protect their image and their reputation, particularly when it comes to negative news cycles. But yanking ad spend from independent news sites trying to cover world events could be counter-productive argues AdExchanger’s Allison Schiff. According to an IAB report, 45% of consumers are more likely to visit a brand’s website advertised on their favorite news outlets.

5. Struum to Streamline the Overcrowded Streaming Service for Consumers (WSJ)

Struum, a streaming service co-founded by former Discovery Inc. and Walt Disney Co. executives aims to offer customers à-la-carte access to all content from hundreds of niche streaming services, offering users a way to stream individual shows and movies from various platforms without having to subscribe to each plan separately.

6. 2021 will be the Year of Audio Advertising Innovation (AdExchanger)

The video advertising market has seen consistent innovation that has helped create a rich digital ecosystem of marketing and revenue opportunities. Zach Zalon, CEO of Super Hi-Fi, feels that it is time for audio services to start innovating in a similar way, and that early indications point to the fact that they are finally on the cusp in 2021.

7. FTC Settles with Mobile Ad Company Tapjoy over Deceptive Practices (TechCrunch)

According to the FTC, Tapjoy deceived consumers who participated in various activities — like purchasing a product, signing up for a free trial, providing their personal information like an email address or completing a survey — in exchange for in-game virtual currency. But when it was time to pay up, Tapjoy’s partners didn’t deliver.